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So, you want to be a floral guru?

Yep, thought so. 

The Bloom Academy is your one stop shop, and we can help you with that! Whether it's learning basic skills for creating everyday arrangements, hosting a one of a kind workshop event with your favorite friends, or adding some floral lovelies to your Instagram with our stock photos, if it involves flowers, we're game. I want to share inspiration with you, one bloom at a time!

"The workshop itself far surpassed my expectations and I walked away ready to take on my next DIY floral arrangement after a Trader Joe’s run – no more haphazardly throwing the flowers into a vase! Emily divulged her secrets to creating the perfect piece. She moved with such ease, but also provided us the reassurance that we could, too. I can’t say enough good things about The Bloom Academy (or think of a better way to spend an afternoon)."

— Jessica (Bloom Academy Grad)


Hi, I'm Emily...


Years ago when I started to explore floral design, just for fun, I remember spending so many hours pouring over resources to learn the basics. I longed for a one stop shop, that gave me the information I needed, along with a sounding board to ask questions.

I decided to start The Bloom Academy in 2015. It's the combination of the things I am most passionate about, floral design, the DIY movement, and teaching. It's all about sharing inspiration one bloom at a time. I believe that everyone deserves to enjoy flowers (and know how to make them beautiful).